Wang Shuai finished,Called back to the villa,Ask the housekeeper where he bought his pillow。
Finished asking,Just let Qiangwei write it down,Let her buy tomorrow。
Qiangwei broke down,She remembered seeing down pillows of that brand when she went to the mall with auntie,Gui frightened her careful,She was trying to persuade Wang Shuai to stop。
Wang Shuai who just lay down sits up again,Patted the mattress and said:“What mattress!How to sleep?”
Followed by,Wang Shuai called again from the villa,I asked the housekeeper where he bought the mattress,Let Qiangwei take it down again,By the way, I asked about the quilt。
Qiangwei has no courage to dissuade,Wang Shuai’s irritability towards bedding,Clearly not negotiable,It must be a posture to change,At the end:“You too!The mattress pillow quilt is so uncomfortable, don’t tell me,Can this have a good quality of sleep?”
Qiangwei feels no problem at all,Just say:“I feel okay,At least there is nothing wrong with the quilt。”
“no problem?Don’t you feel uncomfortable when you touch your skin?The airtight state is very irritable?”
Qiangwei doesn’t think at all,But can only say:“A little bit。”
“More than a little bit?”Wang Shuai’s look,Nothing to add to the dislike of bedding,After a while,Sat up again and said:“go,live in hotel,How can I sleep!”
Qiangwei has nothing to say,She found that Wang Shuai had no concept of being really poor……
But soon she further realized,Wang Shuai really has no concept of being poor!
Just stay in the hotel,Forget it in the best hotel,Also open a suite……Or open a presidential suite of more than 10,000 yuan,Qiangwei is going crazy!
Is this called being poor??
Is this how Wang Shuai is going to be poor??