h had descended in force upon Oswego, taken it with all its garrison; and, as report ran, were advancing 杭州洗浴会所 into the province, six thousand strong. Wood Creek had just been cleared, with great labor, of the trees that choked it. Webb ordered others to be felled and thrown into the stream to stop the progress of the enemy; then, with shameful precipitation, he burned 杭州养生按摩网 the forts of the Carrying Place, and retreated down the Mohawk to German Flats. Loudon ordered Winslow to think no more of Ticonderoga, but to stay where he was and hold the French in check. All was astonishment and dismay at the sudden blow. “Oswego has changed masters, and I think we may justly fear that the whole of our country 杭州百花坊官网 will soon follow, unless a merciful God prevent, and awake a sinful people to repentance and reformation.” Thus wrote Dr. Thomas Williams to his wife from the camp at Fort Edward. “Such a shocking affair has never found a place in English annals,” 杭州419论坛 wrote the surgeon’s young relative, Colonel William Williams. “The loss 407
V1 is beyond account; but the dishonor done His Majesty’s arms is infinitely greater.” [425] It remains to see how the catastrophe befell.
[425] Colonel William Williams to Colonel 杭州足浴哪家好 Israel Williams, 30 Aug. 1756.
Since Vaudreuil became chief of the colony he had nursed the plan of seizing Oswego, yet hesitated to attempt it. Montcalm declares that he confirmed the Governor’s wavering purpose; but Montcalm himself had hesitated. In July, however, there came exaggerated reports that the English were moving upon 杭州油压毛推哪里好 Ticonderoga in greatly increased numbers; and both Vaudreuil and the General conceived that a feint against Oswego would draw off the strength of the assailants, and, if promptly and secretly executed, might even be turned successfully into a real 杭州足疗店不正规的有多少 attack. Vaudreuil thereupon recalled Montcalm from Ticonderoga.


[426] Leaving the post in the keeping of Lévis and three thousand men, he embarked on Lake Champlain, rowed day and night, and reached Montreal on the nineteenth. Troops were arriving from Quebec, and 杭州4197龙凤论坛 Indians from the far west. A band of Menomonies from beyond Lake Michigan, naked, 杭州龙凤论坛vip painted, plumed, greased, stamping, uttering sharp yelps, shaking feathered lances, brandishing tomahawks, danced the war-dance before the Governor, to the thumping of the Indian drum. Bougainville looked on astonished, and thought of the Pyrrhic 杭州 养生保健 dance of the Greeks.
[426] Vaudreuil au Ministre, 12 Ao?t, 1756. Montcalm à sa Femme, 20 Juillet, 1756.
Montcalm and he left Montreal on the twenty-first, and reached Fort Frontenac in eight days. 408
V1 Rigaud, brother of the Governor, had gone thither 杭州洗浴中心全套服务 some time before, and crossed with seven hundred Canadians to the south side of the lake, where Villiers was encamped at Niaouré Bay, now Sackett’s Harbor, with such of his detachment as war and disease had spared. Rigaud relieved him, and took command of the united bands. With their aid the engineer, Descombles, reconnoitred the 杭州按摩电话 English forts, and came back with the report that success was certain. [427] It was but a confirmation of what had already been learned from des