ou–are you air-scouts, patrolling, on the lookout for–for huts in 杭州油压按摩店 the woods–secret wireless—-”

But the 杭州油压按摩会所体验 observer held up a pleading hand.

“How can you ask me, fair Earth Daughter, to discuss anything at present but–but these wings and camouflage? Aviators’ slang!” he murmured divertingly, beaming upon his forthcoming mouthful of creamed chicken, greenly disguised with the juiciest of young peas.

“Canned as well as camouflaged–the wings!” Arline’s shoulders were hunched in a deprecatory rainbow. 杭州的spa “The peas are home-grown, though, from our own war-garden on that prickly wretch of a hill off there.” She laughed. “There–there was a great shelling off this coast this morning,” glancing towards the night-sea whence a hostile attack might come.

“Ha! And were the shells ‘incomers’ or ‘outgoers,’ as the soldiers say? Apparently none of them lodged in the camouflage–or in these dandy hot-air rolls.” 杭州个人丝袜上门 The a?rial observer laughed, falling 杭州洗浴全套 in with the girlish jest.

“Warmed over air!” The Rainbow touched a tepid finger-roll. “We got the receipt from our Wohelo magazine.”

“‘Zooms’ for Wohelo!”
“Fish-tails for breakfast,
Cloud-puffs for tea,
But Camp Fire rolls
Are the feast for me!”

chanted “Goggle Eyes,” loftily improvising with an inspired glance at the violet night-sky.

“We can picture the air-puffs, but whence–whence the 杭州按摩店在哪里 fish-tail ménu? Flying fish?” queried Olive, breaking into the airy chit-chat.

“No, fish-tail


breezes–flapping gusts–that blow you about up there–a lively relish for your rations!”

Here the older aviator glanced sidewise at Sara, as one who has neatly weathered a downthrow current of curiosity.

“Humph! Silent as a fish! Questions taboo! They’ll tell you nothing, these air-scouts–nothing that you’杭州高端男士休闲会所 d really like to find out about,” 杭州按摩街 murmured the inquisitive one, teasing the fire-logs with a birch-stick until they matched her own tantalized flame.

“Well!… Well! I’m glad you’re not missing Ground-School dinners now,” she vouchsafed aloud. “When you’ve finished rhyming over the rolls, oh! won’t you–please–tell us something about flying, about your parade-ground, up there?”

“You–you tell ’em, Big Boy!” The observer nudged 杭州洗浴全套体验 the younger aviator.

“Well! what shall it be? 杭州养生馆体验 We sky-skimmers can do about everything with our wings that the birds do with theirs, you know, except flap them. Along some lines we could teach our feathered friends a few tricks!” The younger man laughed over his loyalty cake, less most of the usual ingredients, plus spices and skill. “How about emulating the somersault of a tumble-pigeon–looping the loop–or racing an express train 杭州上门的可信么across endless prairies, and, when you caught up with it, flying low, bumping your wheels on the cab of the locomotive, to let the engineer know he wasn’t ‘in it,’ eh?”

“Bravo! What fun! And the engineer, how would he take it?”

“Why, he’d come out and wave his arms, to ‘shoo’ us off, while the passengers flourished hats and handker