t he rushed to the entrance, and pushed his broad shoulder against the rock, but he could not move it one inch from its place; 杭州九堡这边按摩有什么服务 then he became so furious that his voice sounded like the roar of a wild beast, but with all his efforts he could not move the rock. Ching Chong sat without in the calm moonlight, now and then calling to the giant to come on, and that he was welcome 杭州龙凤兼职论坛 to all the treasure he could bring with him.

After a time the giant became so exhausted that he ceased his efforts to move the rock, and begged Ching Chong to touch it again with his magic wand, and let him out, promising him all the treasures of the cave; but the boy only replied: “Your turn has come now, 杭州丝袜会所门店 keep your treasure,100 you are welcome to it, and to your underground castle.”

“Good-by, kind master, good-by! Come out when you can, and you may have all the treasure you can carry.”

With this Ching Chong started for his old cabin, but for miles the deep howlings of the giant were wafted to his ears.

He reached the cabin at sunrise, 杭州丝袜上门 just five weeks after he left it.

When he entered he found his old companions just eating breakfast. They were greatly surprised to see him, for they supposed he had been killed by the grizzly bears 杭州大学生伴游 with which that district abounded.

They gave him a hearty greeting, and he sat down to breakfast, telling them only the last of his marvelous adventures, omitting the secret of the divining-rod entirely.

When he had finished, he asked them what luck they had had.


Nothing very good, they replied. Some 杭州spa推荐 placer diggings of a little promise, but their fortunes were not yet made.

Ching Chong went out with them, and entered again upon the hard life of prospecting. Many months passed on in the same old way, and again Ching Chong began to feel very much disheartened. Four years and a half had gone, and still he was poor, no nearer the realization of his dreams than ever.

The intense longing for home was ever gnawing in his heart. He 杭州足疗手推 thought sadly of the old merchant who awaited his return, and sighed often as he dreamed of the beautiful 杭州丝袜论坛 Ah Zore.

Again he resolved to follow the guiding of the divining-rod, hoping for greater success than in his former expedition.

Again he started at nightfall, without saying any thing to his companions.


He had provided himself 杭州桑拿信息网站 with a sack of food, which he carried, with his pick and shovel, upon his shoulders.

He was young, healthy, and accustomed to the hardships of a mountain life.

For hours he walked on as the divining-rod guided him, until near morning, when, overcome with fatigue, he threw himself upon the ground among the thick sage brush, and soon fell asleep.

A thousand golden imaginings mingled with his dreams, and, when he awoke with the sunshine pouring its flood of warmth and light upon him, he rose full of bright hopes, ate his scanty breakfast, and started upon his way with a happy heart.

Thus he wandered 杭州养生会馆 on for several days, carefully examining every ledge of rocks that he passed over.

His stock of food was 杭州留下发廊一条街在哪里 nearly exhausted.


The divining-rod and his hopeful nat