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serving-and if I should lose my life, to what better purpose could I give it?” The man who had lost the capacity to feel?-thought Rearden, and knew that the austerity of the 杭州下城区不正规的足浴店 marble face was the form of a disciplined capacity to feel too deeply. The even voice was continuing dispassionately: “I wanted you to know this. I wanted you to know it now, when it most seem to you that you’re abandoned at the bottom of a pit among subhuman 杭州洗浴按摩一条龙 creatures who are all that’s left of mankind. I wanted you to know, in your most hopeless hour, that the day of deliverance is much closer than you think. And there was one special reason why I had to speak to you and tell you my secret ahead of the proper time. Have you heard of what happened to Orren Boyle’s steel mills on 杭州水疗半套 the coast of Maine?” “Yes,” said Rearden-and was shocked to hear that the word came as a gasp out of the sudden jolt of eagerness within him. “I didn’t know whether it was true.” “It’s true. I did it. Mr. Boyle is not going to manufacture Rearden Metal 杭州洗浴按摩会所on the coast of Maine. He is not going to manufacture it anywhere. Neither is any other looting louse who thinks that a directive can give him a right to your brain. Whoever attempts to produce that Metal, will find his furnaces blown up, his machinery blasted, 杭州四季酒店水疗 his shipments wrecked, his plant set on fire-so many things will happen to any 杭州海茵汇可以啪啪吗? man who tries it, that people will say there’s a curse on it, and there will soon be no worker in the country willing to enter the plant of any new producer of Rearden Metal. If men like Boyle think that force is all they need to rob their betters-杭州桑拿经理 let them see what happens when one of their betters chooses to resort to force. I wanted you to know, Mr. Rearden, that none of them will produce your Metal nor make a penny on it.” Because he felt an exultant desire to laugh-as he had laughed at the news 杭州夜生活网 of Wyatt’s fire, as he had laughed at the crash of d’Anconia Copper-and knew that if he did, the thing he feared would hold him, would not release him this time, and he would never see his mills again-Rearden drew back and, for a moment, kept his lips closed tight to utter no sound. When the moment was over, he said quietly, his voice 杭州按摩精油 firm and dead, “Take that gold of yours and get away from here. I won’t accept the help of a criminal.” Danneskjold’s face showed no reaction. “I cannot force you to accept the gold, Mr. Rearden. But I will not take it back. You may leave it lying 杭州男士spa推荐 where it is, if you wish.” “I don’t want your help and I don’t intend to protect you. If I were within reach of a phone, I would call the police. I would and I will, if you ever attempt to approach me again. I’ll do it-in self-protection.” “I understand 杭州养生水疗会所 exactly what you mean.” “You know-because I’ve listened to you, because you’ve seen me eager to hear it-that I haven’t damned you as I should. I can’t damn you or anyone else. There are no standards left for men to live by, so I don’t care to judge anything they do today or in what manner they attempt to endure the unendurable.