s will take place. We might even go farther, and regard it as all but certain that the time will come when there will be no annual increase. Nay,杭州品茶上课 unless the history of this country is to differ from the history of all other nations which have attained to great power, the time might be expected to arrive when there will be, year by year, a slow diminution in the commercial activity of Britain, and a corresponding diminution in the exhaustion of her coal stores. There is room 杭州足疗店最多的在哪里 for an amazing increase in Britain’s power and greatness, room also for an unprecedented continuance of these attributes, while yet the coal stores of the country remain well supplied.

Let us conceive, for instance, that the greatest annual consumption 杭州洗浴全套按摩 of coal during the future years of England’s existence as a great nation, should be set at three90 times her present annual consumption, or at 350 millions of tons. Few will regard this as an unduly low estimate when they remember that it is exceedingly 杭州水磨群 unlikely that the present population of Britain will ever be tripled, and that a triple population could be commercially far more active (in relation to its numbers) than the present population, with no greater consumption of coal per head. Now, to begin with, if this enormous annual consumption


began immediately, we should yet 杭州桑拿经理电话 (with Mr. Jevons’s assumption as to the quantity of available coal) have 570 years’ lease of power instead of 110. But, as a matter of fact, so soon as we have recognised the principle that there is a limit to the increase of annual consumption, we are 杭州男士养生会所微信 compelled to believe that that limit will be approached by a much gentler gradient, so to speak, than the same consumption as attained on Mr. Jevons’s assumption. According to his view, in fact, an annual consumption of 350 millions of tons per annum will be 杭州按摩西湖区 attained early in the twentieth century; but according to the theory which sets such a consumption as the highest ever to be attained, we should place its attainment several hundreds of years later. This is a vague statement, I admit, but the very fact on which I am mainly insisting is this, that the evidence at present in 杭州按摩休闲会所 our hands is insufficient as a basis of exact calculation. Now, if we set 500 years hence as the time when the annual consumption of coal will have reached the above enormous amount, we should set the total consumption during those centuries at about 杭州养生会所one-half that due to an annual91 consumption of 350 millions of tons. In that case there would still remain coal enough to supply the country for 320 years at the same tremendous rate. In all, on these suppositions, 820 years would be provided for. These would be years of commercial activity far exceeding that of our own day—in fact, they 杭州哪有丝袜会所 would be years during which Britain would be accumulating wealth at a rate so enormous that at the end of the era she would be not wholly unprovided with the means of supporting her existence as a nation, apart from all reference to her mineral 杭州桑拿按摩推荐 stores. It is, indeed, utterly inconceivable, I think, that Great Britain and her people will ever be able to pro