ed the people so much that some of the young woman’s particular friends prepared to come 杭州夜生活去哪里 into the water of baptism, but the older ones prevailed on them to wait a while, saying maybe they would all go together.

When I had changed my clothing and had gone to where the new convert was, I found her sitting on the bed and praising God, bearing her 杭州海茵汇可以啪啪吗? testimony that she was healed of the Lord, and that we had the true Gospel. The baptism of this young woman was the first that I had administered, she being my first convert. The house where we had assembled was crowded to overflowing, and when I had confirmed her I returned to my stopping place, the people following me. There must 杭州丝袜足浴 have been at least three hundred of them. Several brought bedding and camped under the trees around the house, while others were preparing a feast for the occasion, in which they roasted eleven big hogs, and gathered fish, fruit and vegetables for the 杭州西湖去不正规按摩 roast.

This was too much for the Protestant ministers, for, as I was sitting at a table expounding the scriptures to the people, in came a lusty Frenchman in citizen’s clothes. He took a seat among the people for a short time, then slipped away and donned his police uniform, with belt, sword and pistol; then, with a comrade similarly attired, he reappeared at the door and asked me if I had a permit from the governor. I told him I had one at home, but not with me. At that he, in a rather rough tone of voice, bade me follow them. Without hesitation I did so, and about a hundred of 杭州足浴大保健 the people came after us to the mission station, where I was ushered into the presence of Messrs. Chisholm, Howe and Davis. All of them were what were called English or Protestant missionaries. Mr. Howe acted as chief spokesman or prosecutor, while Mr. 杭州丝袜上门会所 Chisholm filled the role of justice, Mr. Davis appearing to be his assistant. Thus arrayed, they told me that I had been arrested and brought before them because I had raised a very unusual excitement among the people, and I could not produce a permit from the government as a resident on the island. They said I was capable of making much 杭州按摩减肥需要多少钱 disturbance among the people, and the decision they


had come to was that if I would not agree to leave the place by 8 a.m. next day I would be locked up in a dungeon until I did agree to leave.

Of course I consented to depart at the appointed time, 杭州养生水疗会所 thinking I could get my permit and return in a few days. Then they told me I was at liberty, but they did not release me until they had scored me unmercifully with their tongues for belonging to such a set of impostors as “Old Joe Smith and the Mormons” 杭州KB会所 were. Said Mr. Chisholm, “You are a fine young man, capable of doing much good if you had not been deceived by that impostor, Old Joe Smith.” They told me to cease my preaching and deceiving the people, and that I had better go home. At that I pocketed their insults and left them. Many of the people followed me to my stopping place, 杭州按摩地址 some of them shouting triumphantly


for the young Mormon missionary, and calling shame on the English ministers.

A house full of people had assembled, and we