n, the boy, realized he was in the presence of the great King. He threw himself upon his knees.

“Rise lad,” said King Arthur kindly. “Sir Percival is indeed fortunate to have a page, who while so young, yet is so loyal. So shall we see you again. Kind Merlin,” and the King turned to the Wizard, “awaken you this sleeping knight whose only sin 杭州龙凤论坛Vip seems an undue amount of surliness and arrogance, which his bravery and strength more than offset.”

Now Sir Pellimore rubbed his eyes. “Where am I?” he muttered drowsily. Then as realization came, he sprang to his feet.

“Know you then, Sir Pellimore,” said Merlin, “he with whom you 杭州油压按摩 fought is none other than Arthur, the King.”

The knight stood motionless, dumbfounded. But only for a



“If so, then am I prepared for such punishment as may come. But be it what it may, I can say this, that none with whom I fought has had more skill or has shown greater bravery and chivalry. And more than that none can say.”

And the knight bowed low his head, humbly and yet with a touch of pride.

“Thou art a brave knight, Sir Pellimore. And to us it seems, that aside from a hasty temper, thou couldst well honor us by joining 杭州足浴店按摩暗语 the Knights 杭州水磨坊足浴 of the Round Table. What saith thou?”

“That shall I gladly do. And here and now I pledge my loyalty to none other than Arthur, King of Britain, and to my fellow knights. And as for you, boy, I say it now–that my harsh tongue and temper ill became the true knight I claim to be.”

“Brave 杭州桑拿水疗会所 words, Sir Pellimore,” said the King. “So let us back to the castle. We see that Merlin is already ill at ease.”
Allan Goes Forth

So then the four, the good King, Sir Pellimore, Merlin the Wizard, and Allan, page to Sir Percival, came to the great castle of Britain’s king.

Arthur led them into the great hall in which were placed many small tables and in the center of them all was one of exceeding size and round. Here was to be found a place for Sir Pellimore but though the King searched long, few seats did he find which 杭州桑拿全套一条龙服务 杭州桑拿信息大全 were not bespoken. Yet finally he found one which did well for the new arrival.

“Here then shall you find your place at the Round Table, good knight,” said the King. “And we trust that you will bring renown and honor to your fellowship, succor to those who are in need and that always will you show true chivalry. And we doubt not but you will do all of these.”

Sir Pellimore bowed low his head nor did he make reply because within him surged a great feeling of gratitude.

The King turned away and Merlin followed him to the upraised dais. So now the two seated themselves and joined in earnest talk.

At the door, Allan had waited, for he would not depart until His Majesty had seated himself. A strange gladness was in the boy’s heart, for had not his King fought for him? Here in this court, he too would find adventure. Sir 杭州桑拿哪里营业 Percival 杭州桑拿全套信息披露 mayhap, some day, would dub him knight, should he prove faithful and worthy. What greater glory could there be than to fight for


such a King and with such brave men?

“But I must be off,” he suddenly bethought hims