mmock to hummock, now wading through water knee-deep. Beyond the marsh they had a bad trail, or no trail at all, for the remainder of the day, sometimes forcing their way through thickets, sometimes clambering through a region of fallen timber, where the[191] great trunks were piled in such intricate confusion that a passage seemed utterly hopeless, and again crossing a newly burned woodland where dry dust and ashes lay several inches deep, and rose from beneath their feet in stifling 杭州kb群 clouds. A river a hundred feet in width was crossed by 杭州龙凤论坛贵族宝贝 a convenient jam of logs and trees. Late in the afternoon they took to the beach, where the rough cobblestones offered the lesser evil, and after a mile of


this painful walking came to a little cove where at last was a sight so welcome that the boys gave a glad shout. A narrow spur of ice was seen, bridging the 杭州足浴店胸推 strip of blue water.
While the Bradfords were pitching the tents, Lucky set off to try the ice preparatory to the morrow’s attempt to cross. Coffee Jack, instead of accompanying his brother, made Roly understand that he wanted a line and a hook.

“Going fishing?” asked Roly, eagerly.

“Yes,” said the bright-eyed Indian boy. “Big feesh—yes.”

So Roly dove into his pack, which lay unbound on the shore, and presently produced a fish-line wound around a chip. A 杭州丝袜上门保健 small hook was already attached. Coffee Jack took the line and examined it doubtfully, as if he feared it might not be strong enough. Young


as he was, 杭州保健按摩前列腺 he had learned many tricks of hunting, fishing, and woodcraft from his brother; and as Roly was glad to acquire such knowledge, he watched the Indian boy carefully.

First about thirty feet of the line were unwound 杭州哪里有咝足会所 and then doubled, so as to give a length of fifteen feet for the double line.

Children of the Wilderness


“Cut?” asked Coffee Jack, drawing his finger across it, to represent a knife.

“Yes,” said 杭州御龙道spa Roly; “you can cut it.”

So Coffee Jack cut the line and handed back to Roly the part he did not need. He now took one of the small whitefish which he had obtained from the old Indian that morning, and cut off the rear half of its body with the tail attached. This he cut 杭州男人放松的地方 open, and trimmed down with his knife until it resembled a large shiner. The whole hook was then placed inside the body, and the opening sewed up with a needle and thread supplied by his friend.

The Indian boy was now ready to set his double line in place. Accompanied by Roly, who was warned by his father to be extremely careful, he warily crossed the ice-bridge to the firmer ice beyond. In places this ice 杭州水疗会所爽记 was a foot thick, but it was so honeycombed by the sun’s rays as to be very treacherous. There were numerous openings of various sizes to be avoided, as well 杭州不正规的足浴店还有吗 as places where the ice had been reduced to an unsafe thinness. Coffee Jack walked out to a point several hundred yards from the beach, having first cut a long pole and a slender stick, the latter about three feet in length. He selected an opening in the ice two feet in diameter, the sides of wh