of the public good!” “Are we to understand,” asked the judge, “that you hold your own interests above the interests of the public?” “I hold 杭州保健按摩that such a question can never arise except in a society of cannibals.” “What . . . what do you mean?” “I hold that there is no clash of interests among men who do not demand the unearned and do not practice human sacrifices.” “Are we to understand that if the public deems it necessary to curtail your profits, you do not recognize its right to do so?” “Why, yes, I do. The public may curtail my profits any time it wishes-by refusing to buy my product.” “We are speaking of . . . other methods.” “Any other method of curtailing profits is the method of looters -and I recognize it as such.杭州保健按摩会所 ” “Mr. Rearden, this is hardly the way to defend yourself.” “I said that I would not defend myself.” “But this is unheard of! Do you realize the gravity of the charge against you?” “I do not care to consider it.” “Do you realize the possible 杭州洗浴的地方 consequences of your stand?” “Fully.” “It is the opinion of this court that the facts presented by the prosecution seem to warrant no leniency. The penalty which this court has the power to impose on you is extremely severe.” “Go ahead.” “I beg your pardon?” “Impose it.” The three judges looked at one another. Then their spokesman turned back to Rearden. “This is unprecedented,” he said. “It is completely irregular,” said the second judge. “The law requires you to submit a plea in your own defense. Your only alternative is to state for the record that you throw yourself upon the 杭州晚上男生玩的地方 mercy of the court.” “I do not.” “But you have to.” “Do you mean that what you expect from me is some sort of voluntary action?” “Yes.” “I volunteer nothing.” “But the law demands that the defendant’s side be represented on the record.” “Do you 杭州品茶 mean that you need my help to make this procedure legal?” “Well, no . . . yes . . . that is, to complete the form.” “I will not help you.” The third and youngest judge, who had acted as prosecutor, snapped impatiently, “This is ridiculous and unfair! Do you want to let it look as if a man of your prominence had been railroaded without a-” He cut himself off short. Somebody at the back of the courtroom emitted a long whistle. “I want,” said Rearden gravely, “to let the nature of this procedure appear exactly for what it is. If you need my help to disguise it-I will not help you.” 杭州保健会所 “But we are giving you a chance to defend yourself-and it is you who are rejecting it.” “I will not help you to pretend that I have a chance. I will not help you to preserve an appearance of righteousness where rights are not recognized. I will not 杭州龙凤交友论坛 help you to preserve an appearance


of rationality by entering a debate in which a gun is the final argument. I will not help you to pretend that you are administering justice.” “But the law compels you to volunteer a defense!” There was laughter at the back of the courtroom. “That is the flaw in your theory, gentlemen,” said Rearden gravely, “and I will not help you out of it. If you choose to deal with men by means of compulsion, do so.