t the stallion understood these words 杭州水疗哪里好玩 was proved by his instantly rising as nearly erect as possible on his hind feet.

“Now let him give my brother’s handkerchief to his brother.”

Whirlwind thrust his nose forward and began fumbling about the breast of Victor. In a moment he drew his handkerchief from an inside pocket, stepped across to the pleased and wondering George, and shoved it into his coat.

“That gives my brother two handkerchiefs. It is not right. Let Whirlwind put the first one back where it belongs.”

Without hesitation 杭州足疗一条街 the animal obeyed.

“The gun leaning against the


rock—the one nearest us—belongs to my brother Victor. He is lazy; therefore let Whirlwind bring it to him.”

The stallion walked the few steps necessary, turned his head sideways and, grasping the rifle of Victor near its stock in his teeth, brought it to the amazed youth.

“Now make him 杭州哪有丝袜会所 bring mine to me,” said George.

“No; he has done enough of that; get it for yourself. Now, Whirlwind, Deerfoot is pleased with you; come forward and kiss him.”

The horse 杭州spa论坛 walked up in front of the Shawanoe, thrust out his tongue and licked his cheek. His master kissed his nose, patted his neck and spoke endearingly to him. There could be no question that the wonderful animal was happy and proud in the affection of his master, who, in his way, was more remarkable than he, since he had taught him 杭州桑拿按摩全套 all this.

“Only one thing is lacking,” remarked Victor, after he and George had expressed their amazement; “you ought to teach him to talk.”

“Though he may not use words like men, yet he can make his meaning known to Deerfoot, and that is enough.”

“There isn’t any doubt about his knowing what you say. You ought to teach him to be more 杭州的spa considerate of the feelings of Bug and Jack and Prince and Zigzag. He doesn’t seem to care anything for them.”

“Whirlwind has the right to treat those of his kind as 杭州洗浴按摩体验 he pleases. None of them is his equal. Deerfoot is glad to see how careful he is of his company. If he is willing to notice my brothers,” added the Shawanoe with a smile, “isn’t that enough?”

It was at this juncture that the stallion gave the most remarkable proof of his intelligence that had yet been seen. It almost struck the 杭州滨江按摩不正规的 boys dumb with astonishment.

You remember that after washing their underclothing they spread them out on the ground to dry in the sun. Deerfoot brought the garments from where he had hid them and again spread them out. They had lain a considerable time, and Victor was about to inspect them to see if the moisture had evaporated, but Deerfoot checked him. Addressing the stallion he said:

“Let Whirlwind examine the clothes lying on the ground; if they are dry, he will hand them to my brothers; if they 杭州SPA网 are wet, he will leave them lie where they are.”

Victor’s first fear was that the brute was about to chew up his garments, for he closed his teeth in a corner of his shirt, held it a moment, sniffing at it, and then came over and laid it at the feet of the youth. Of course he could not know that t