to be happy!” “It’s only a speech,” said Mr. Thompson, not too firmly. “It seems to me,” said Chick Morrison, his voice tentatively helpful, ‘”that people of nobler spiritual nature, you know what I mean, people of . . . of . . . well, of mystical insight”-he paused, as if waiting to be slapped, but no one moved, so he repeated firmly-“yes, of mystical insight, won’t go for that speech. Logic isn’t everything, after all.” “The workingmen 杭州足浴快餐价格 won’t go for it,” said Tinky Holloway, a bit more helpfully. “He didn’t sound like a friend of labor.” “The women of the country won’t go for it,” declared Ma Chalmers. “It is, I believe, an established fact that women don’t go for that stuff about the mind. Women have finer feelings. You can count on the women.” “You can count on the scientists,” said Dr. Simon Pritchett. They were all pressing forward, suddenly eager to speak, as if they had found a subject they could handle with assurance.


“Scientists know better than to believe in reason. He’s no friend of the scientists.” “He’s no friend 杭州按摩女技师 of anybody,” said Wesley Mouch, recapturing a shade of confidence at the sudden realization, “except maybe of big business.” “No!” cried Mr. Mowen in terror. “No! Don’t accuse us! Don’t say it! I won’t have you say it!” “What?” “That 杭州洗浴娱乐场所 . . . that . . . that anybody is a friend of business!” “Don’t let’s make a fuss about that speech,” said Dr. Floyd Ferris. “It was too intellectual. Much too intellectual for the common man. It will have no effect. People are too dumb to understand it.” “Yeah,” said Mouch hopefully, “that’s so.” “In the first place,” said Dr. Ferris, encouraged, “people can’t think. In the second place, they don’t want to.” “In the third place,” said Fred Kinnan, “they don’t want to starve. And what do you propose to do about that?” It was as if he had pronounced the question which all of the preceding 杭州夜网杭州龙凤网 utterances had been intended to stave off. No one answered him, but heads drew faintly deeper into shoulders, and figures drew faintly closer to one another, like a small cluster under the weight of the studio’s empty space. The military march boomed through the silence with the inflexible gaiety of a grinning skull. “Turn it off!” yelled Mr. Thompson, waving at the radio. “Turn that damn thing off!” Someone obeyed him. But the sudden silence was worse. “Well?” said Mr. Thompson at last, raising his eyes reluctantly to Fred Kinnan. “What do you think we ought to do?” “Who, me?” chuckled Kinnan. “I don’t run this show.” Mr. Thompson slammed his fist down on his knee. “Say something -” he ordered, but seeing Kinnan turn away, added, “somebody!” There were no volunteers. “What are we to do?” he yelled, knowing that the man 杭州丝袜同好 who answered would, thereafter, be the man in power. “What are we to do? Can’t somebody tell us what to do?” “I can!” It was a woman’s voice, but it had the quality of the voice they had heard on the radio. They whirled to Dagny before she had time to step forward from the darkness beyond the group. As she stepped forward, her face frightened them-because it was devoid of fear. “I can,”