for dinner–and we went straight in without dressing, and with
perfectly unimpaired appetites! Then we all cut evening chapel,
the state of our boots being enough of an excuse.

I never told you about examinations. I passed everything with the
utmost ease–I know the secret now, and am never going to fail again.
I shan’t be able to graduate with honours though, because of that
beastly Latin prose and geometry Freshman year. But I don’t care.
Wot’s the hodds so long as you’re 杭州桑拿洗浴 ‘appy? (That’s a quotation.
I’ve been reading the 杭州龙凤论坛419 English classics.)

Speaking of classics, have you ever read 杭州夜生活交友qq群 Hamlet? If you haven’t,
do it right off. It’s PERFECTLY CORKING. 杭州按摩一条街 I’ve been hearing about
Shakespeare all my life, but I had no idea he really wrote so well;
I always suspected him of going largely on his reputation.

I have a beautiful play that I invented a long time ago when I first
learned to read. I put myself to sleep every night by pretending
I’m the person (the most important person) in the book I’m


at the moment.

At present I’m Ophelia–and such a sensible Ophelia! I keep
Hamlet amused all the time, and pet him and scold him and make him
wrap up his throat when he has a cold. I’ve entirely cured him
of being melancholy. The King and Queen are both dead–an accident
at sea; no funeral 杭州男士养生会所飞机 necessary–so Hamlet 杭州水会最好的是哪家 and I are ruling in Denmark
without any bother. We 杭州桑拿会所美女服务 have the kingdom working beautifully.
He takes care of the 杭州spa哪里好男士 governing, and I look after the charities.
I have just 杭州桑拿按摩经历 founded some first-class orphan asylums. If you
or any of the other Trustees would like to visit them, I shall be
pleased to show you through. I think you might find a great many