?Do you stay on board??

?Oh, no. We’ve got a beach property. Or rather we’ve taken it. It’s a place called Palmyra. Just opposite where the yacht is. It belongs to an Englishman. I believe he wants to sell it. It’s 杭州水疗养生 very beautiful. And it’s a long way away from the tourists. It’s at a place 杭州足疗按摩 called Lyford Key.?

?That sounds the sort of place I’m looking for.?

?Well, we’ll be 杭州按摩理疗 gone in about a week.?

?Oh.? Bond looked into her eyes. ?I’m sorry.?

?If you’ve got to flirt, don’t be obvious.? Suddenly the girl laughed. She looked


contrite. The 家庭式个人保健赶集网 dimples remained. ?I mean, I didn’t really mean that-not the way it sounded. But I’ve spent six months listening to that kind of thing from these silly old rich goats and the only way to shut them up is to be rude. I’m not being conceited. There’s no one under sixty in this place. Young people can’t afford it. So any woman who hasn’t got a harelip or a mustache-well not even a mustache would put them off. They’d probably like it. Well, I mean absolutely any girl makes these old goats get their bifocals all 杭州品茶群 steamed up.? She laughed again. She was getting friendly. ?I expect you’ll have just the 杭州丝袜上门 same effect on the old women with pince-nez and blue rinses.?

?Do they 杭州按摩服务哪里好 eat boiled vegetables for lunch??

?Yes, and they drink carrot juice 杭州桑拿按摩全套论坛 and prune juice.?

?We won’t get on, then. I won’t sink lower than conch chowder.?

She looked at 杭州水疗会所名字大全 him curiously. ?You seem to know a lot about Nassau.?

?You mean about conch being an aphrodisiac? That’s not only a Nassau idea. It’s all over the world where there are conchs.?

?Is it true??

?Island people have it on their wedding night. I haven’t found it to have any effect on me.?

?Why?? She looked mischievous. ?Are you married??

?No.? Bond smiled across into her eyes. ?Are you??