Oliver thought it rather strange that Roland should acquiesce so readily in the plan which left him at home, but it soon passed away from his mind.
S 杭州龙凤酒店 OON after they were seated in the cars, bound for New York, Mr. Kenyon remarked:

“Perhaps you are surprised, Oliver, that I take you with me instead of Roland.”

Oliver admitted that he was surprised.

“The fact is,” said Mr. Kenyon candidly, “I don’t think Roland treats you as well as he should.”

Oliver was more and more surprised.

“I don’t complain of Roland,” he said. “I don’t think he likes me, but perhaps that is not his fault. We are quite different.”

“Still he might treat you well.”

“Don’t think of that,


Mr. Kenyon; Roland has never done me any serious harm, and if he proposed to do it, I am able to take care of 杭州怎么联系校内鸡 myself.”

Oliver did not say this in an offensive tone, but with manly independence.

“You are quite magnanimous,” said Mr. Kenyon. “I am just beginning to appreciate you. I own that I used to have a prejudice 杭州按摩油压哪里好 against you, and it is possible I may have treated you harshly; but I have learned to know you better. I find you a straightforward, manly young fellow.”

“Thank you, sir,” said Oliver, very much astonished. 杭州水磨论坛 “I am afraid you do me more than justice. I hope to retain your good opinion.”

“I have no doubt you will,” said Mr. Kenyon, in a quiet and paternal tone. “You have probably noticed that my manner toward you has changed of late?”

“Yes, sir, I have noticed the change, and been glad to see it.”

“Of course, of course. Now, I have got something to tell you.”

Oliver naturally felt curious.

“I want to tell you why I have brought you to New York to-day. You probably thought it was merely for a pleasant excursion.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I have another object in view. Noticing as I have the dislike—well, the incompatibility between 杭州足浴tt you and Roland, I have thought it best to make separate arrangements for you.”

Now Oliver was strangely interested. What plan had Mr. Kenyon formed for him?

“I intend you to remain in the city. How does 杭州家庭保健知识 that suit you?”

There are not many boys of Oliver’s age to whom such a prospect would not be pleasing. He answered promptly:

“I should like it very much.”

“No doubt Roland will envy you,” said Mr. Kenyon. “I am sure he would prefer the city to our quiet little country village. But I cannot make up my mind to part with him. He is my own son, and though I endeavor to treat you both alike, of course that makes some difference,” said Mr. Kenyon, in rather an apologetic tone.