“Where’d you come from, my hearty?” demanded the captain of the schooner, turning to Christy again.

“I was tooken in a blockader, eight on us. We done stole a whaleboat and comed ashore,” replied Christy, enlarging upon the story he had told the bivouackers.

“Eight on you!” exclaimed the master of the schooner. “Where’s the rest on ye?”

“They’re all about here somewhar, and I reckon I kin find em. They’re lookin for sunthin t’eat. They all want to ship, and the mate of the 杭州男士养生会所口 Rattler’s one on ’em,” continued Christy, guiding himself by the circumstances as they were developed to him.

“What’s your 杭州生活网 name, my man?”

“My name’s Jerry Sandman; and I ain’t ashamed on’t.”

“Are your men all sailors, Jerry?”

“Every one on ’em.”

“I want eight good men, Jerry, the mate bein’ one on ’em.”

“Then we kin fix you like a ‘possum in a hole.”

80 “I’ve got two boats on the shore; the deserters stole one on ’em, and I come ashore in t’other arter ’em. I reckon I’ll get a steamer in Nassau, and I want all the good men I can find to man her. I’ll ship the whole on you. Find your men, Jerry, and fetch ’em down to the boats. I’ll give ’em all sumthin t’eat. Now be lively about it,” said Captain Sullendine, as he walked away towards the shore.

“I’ll find ’em in no time,” replied Christy, as he removed his soft hat with his left hand, and scratched his head with the other.

The rest of the party scattered, and Graines joined the 杭州水疗会所是做什么 lieutenant.

The seamen of the Bellevite had listened with intense interest to the conversation 杭州龙凤兼职女论坛 between the commander of the West Wind and the lieutenant; and there was not a single one of them who did not comprehend the purpose of the chief of the expedition. They were greatly amused at the manner in which Christy conducted himself, and especially at the mongrel dialect he had used. It was a little difficult for them to realize


that the awkward fellow who was in conversation with the skipper of the schooner was the gentlemanly, well-spoken officer they had been accustomed to see on the quarter-deck of the Bellevite.

They separated as they had been instructed to do; but they were careful not to go to any great distance from the spot, for they understood that they should be wanted in a few 杭州桑拿洗浴会所 minutes. Graines had not spoken a word on this occasion, though he had done most of the talking at the bivouac. He 82 was ready to 杭州夜生活qq群 do his part; but the skipper had addressed his companion first, introducing the subject, and he had no opportunity to get in a single word.

“I suppose you understand it all, Charley,” said Christy as soon as they were alone.