“But you talk as though he is a prisoner 杭州洗浴桑拿小姐收费 of theirs.”

“If he is alive, what else can he be?”

“He was well mounted and might have escaped on horseback.”


“If that had been the case,” added the elder Texan, “we 杭州丝袜mm couldn’t have helped knowing it.”

“But there was no noise when Eph met the Apaches except the report of his pistol.”

“We have been listening so closely here, except when I was 杭州桑拿按摩会所论坛 asleep, that we noticed the tramp of the Apaches’ ponies even when they were walking; if Nick rode off at full speed we must have heard the


sounds, because they would have been much 杭州保健按摩技师 louder.”

“Suppose on leaving the building, during Eph’s interview with the two men, he had ridden around to the rear and galloped several miles to the westward, would you have heard Jack’s hoofs?”

“Thar’s somethin’ in that,” remarked the trapper; “you’re all pretty sharp-eared, but that would have been too much for you to catch.”

“The supposition, however, is a very thin one,” insisted Strubell, to whom the action of Nick Ribsam was very annoying.

“I’m sorry he did it,” remarked 杭州按摩紫金沙 Herbert, “but we must take things as they are, and[325] when we meet him we’ll haul him over the coals.”

“Did Bell know anything about our being out here?” asked Strubell, turning 杭州滨江kb to the trapper.

“He ‘spected you three, but he didn’t know nothin’ ‘bout me, and didn’t know when you would show yourselves. He s’posed I would meet you and give you the news, and 杭州桑拿按摩哪家好 you would hurry along. He knowed you war aimin’ for the old mission buildin’ and would be along after a while if the varmints didn’t cut you off.”

“What about our pack



“He spoke of ‘em, and said Jim-John and Brindage would ‘tend to ‘em.”

“You did so well in arranging the ransom that you ought to have included them.”