“I do not know that I may ask those?”

“You would be surprised if I told you the truth? What I required of Mr.


Calhoun was permission and aid still further to study his extraordinary country, its extraordinary ways, its extraordinary ignorance of itself. I have told you that I needed to travel, to study, to observe mankind—and those governments invented or tolerated by mankind.”

“Since then, Madam,” I concluded, stepping to assist her with her chair, as she signified 杭州桑拿按摩好去处 her completion 全国高端品茶外围 of our repast, “since you do not feel now inclined to be specific, I feel that I ought to make my adieux, for the time at least. It grows late. I shall remember this little evening all my life. I own my defeat. I do not know why you are here, or for whom.”

“At what hotel do you stop?”

“The little place of Jacques Bertillon, a square or so beyond the Place d’Armes.”

“In that case,”


said she, “believe me, it would be more discreet for you to remain unseen in Montreal. No matter which flag is mine, I may say that much for a friend and comrade in the service.”

“But what else?”

She looked about her. “Be my guest to-night!” she said suddenly. “There is danger—”

“For me?” I laughed. “At my hotel? On the streets?”

“No, for me.”



“And of what, Madam?”

“Of a man; for the first time I am afraid, in spite of all.”

I 杭州江干区有特殊洗浴 looked at her straight. “Are you not afraid of me?” I asked.

She looked at me fairly, her color coming. “With the fear which draws a woman to a man,” she said.

“Whereas, mine is the fear which causes a man to flee from himself!”

“But you will remain for my protection? I should feel safer. Besides, in that case I should know the answer.”

“How do you mean?”

“I should know whether or not you were married!”
It is not for good women that men have fought battles, given their lives and staked their souls.—Mrs. W.K. Clifford.

“But, Madam—” I began.

She answered me in her own way. “Monsieur hesitates—he is lost!” she said. “But see, I am weary. I have been much engaged to-day. I have made it my plan never to fatigue myself. It is my hour now for my bath, my exercise, my bed, if you please. I fear I 杭州洗浴24小时 must bid you good 杭州油压毛推 night, one way or the other. You will be welcome here none the less, if you care to remain. I trust you did not find our little repast to-night unpleasing? Believe me, our breakfast shall be as good. Threlka is expert in omelets, and our coffee is such as perhaps you may not find general in these provinces.”